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Are you looking for Ojai accommodation that meets all your needs? Su Nido Inn has everything you could hope for in an Ojai accommodation. Su Nido meaning “your nest,” creates a custom experience with no two rooms the same. Su Nido Inn is a short walk away from the beautiful downtown Ojai. Accommodations include beautiful, aesthetic suites and spacious rooms sporting a Mission Revival style along with balconies overlooking Ojai.

 Additionally, our Ojai accommodation includes delightfully peaceful patios where you can enjoy complimentary juices and snacks within the Su Nido Inn gates. Our Ojai accommodation has a refreshing pool allowing you to keep cool during Ojai’s hotter days and a spa for relaxation. At Su Nido Inn, alleviating stress feels easily attainable as we designed our Ojai accommodation to be an oasis experience, an escape from the ordinary, and a place where you can have privacy as well as access to Ojai’s downtown activities. 

Here at Su Nido Inn, our Ojai accommodation provides all of our amenities with relaxation in mind. Our Ojai accommodation offers a feather bed, fine imported linens, and a cozy fireplace make it so you might never want to leave the luxurious comforts of your Su Nido Inn Ojai accommodation. However, being steps away from downtown Ojai, you can always retreat to your luxury Ojai accommodation in a matter of minutes. Guests find our downtown location convenient in the case of a forgotten sweater or a well-needed nap at their Su Nido Inn room before heading back into Ojai’s downtown activities. Guests enjoy how Su Nido Inn is close to the heart of downtown Ojai while also having privacy at its serene Ojai accommodation. 

Our sister Ojai accommodation, Casa Ojai Inn, offers similar amenities, from gorgeous rooms and suites to a large pool and spa. When looking to stay at Casa Ojai Inn, be sure to check out the different packages you can purchase. There are an array of options at our Ojai accommodation. Casa Ojai Inn has relationships with Soule Park Golf Course, Ojai Olive Oil Inc, Trials by Potter, and Whale Watching Packages, All-Around Ojai Jeep Tour Packages, and an Ojai Angler Professional Bass Fishing Guide. Whatever you fancy, Casa Ojai Inn has something for you. 

This pet-friendly Ojai accommodation has much to offer! Casa Ojai Inn, awarded the Eco Excellence award and has an iStayGreen Excellent Rating, offers eco-friendly amenities such as sink aerators, luxury water-saving showerheads, Ulta-Flush high efficient toilets (HET). 

Whether you bring your itinerary or need some ideas from the Su Nido Inn and Casa Ojai Inn website, you will never find yourself without things to do in the Ojai Valley. Exciting and unique to Ojai activities include Ojai wine tasting from local growers, guided and self-guided tours through Ojai’s historical spaces, a stroll through the shopping centers, farmers markets, local restaurants, and more. From an array of bike shops near our Ojai accommodation, you can rent a bike and ride safely on the designated 14.9 mile bike path that reaches from downtown Ojai to the Ventura beaches. Additionally, there are bike tours you can join and take you off the bike path into some of Ojai’s treasured locations. After a long day of Ojai activities, retreat to Su Nido Inn or Casa Ojai Inn and relax in your plush beds and complimentary wifi. In light of the pandemic, Su Nido Inn and Casa Ojai Inn are doing everything they can to ensure your safety along with that of their staff. Some of the Su Nido Inn and Casa Ojai Inn amenities have shifted to accommodate our customers’ best interest during this trying time, so head over to the website for Su Nido Inn — — and Casa Ojai — — for updated information on our Ojai accommodation.

Su Nido Inn and Casa Ojai Inn are highly regarded by the customers that stay at these Ojai accommodations. If you’re looking for a beautiful, luxurious getaway close to downtown Ojai, check out Su Nido Inn and Casa Ojai Inn.