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Ojai is one of the few places in the world to experience something called  a  “pink moment.” This term refers to the magical time when the sun goes down, and the entire Ojai Valley glows with beautiful pink, lavender, and peach tones. Whether you are looking from your Ojai hotel room window, immersed in nature, or driving through downtown Ojai, you can see the Pink Moment throughout the Ojai Valley. This main attraction is visible almost every night, encouraging visitors to walk outside their Ojai hotel room to witness the famous Pink Moment.

Nothing is comparable to a full moon rising in tandem with Ojai’s Pink Moment. The word Ojai is derived from the Ventureño Chumash word ʼawha’y meaning “moon.” If you are new to Ojai, want to leave your Ojai hotel room, and find places to go at night, there are endless activities you can do on a full moon evening. Mediation Mount hosts monthly full moon gatherings where you can engage in a Full Moon Group Meditation and bask under the Pink Moment and full moon luminous light. During the pandemic, this Ojai favorite gathering has been shifted to an online meeting so you can watch the full moon and Pink Moment from your home or Ojai hotel room. Some locals host the full moon, and the Pink Moment walks through nature. Other places to go at night include Full Moon Tea circles by Ojai Flagship, Full Moon hikes, and more. 

Not far from your Ojai hotel room are many places to go at night with fantastic lookouts across the Ojai Valley. These lookouts provide the perfect spot to appreciate the full moon and Ojai’s Pink Moment. Download the AllTrails app in your Ojai hotel room and find some of Ojai’s favorite trails — Cozy Dell, Pratt Trail, Ojai Fox Canyon Trail, Shelf Road, and more. Make sure to grab a flashlight and some hiking boots from your Ojai hotel room before exploring these places in the Pink Moment evening. As you frolic the purple mountains of Ojai, be aware of where you’re stepping and follow the marked paths. Ojai prides itself on its conservation of native plants and animals. It can be easy to get lost in the beauty of the pink moment as the full moon rises, so be aware you are not stepping into a native animal’s home. Even though the full moon and Pink Moment emit a radiant shine, a flashlight or headlamp can help guide you back safely to your Ojai hotel room. 

Maybe you left your hiking boots in your Ojai hotel room but still want to find places to go at night, do not worry! There are many local places to go at night where you can sit and enjoy the gorgeous Pink Moment and Full Moon, some less than half a mile away from your Ojai hotel room. The Ojai Meadow Preserve has endless fields of nature where you can appreciate the starry nighttime sky. Bring a lawn chair or a picnic blanket and bask under the full moonlight as the Pink Moment dissolves into a starry night. You can also find Ojai Valley Land Conservancy Preservations sights such as Cluff Vista Park to witness the Pink Moment glory immersed in Ojai’s native plants. Ojai Parks have large open grassy spaces to view the full moon and Pink moment. Bring your canvas and paint and illustrate the famous Pink Moment or snap a picture for your memories so you can recreate the Pink Moment in your Ojai Hotel Room.

If you rise early from your Ojai hotel room, you will notice that the Pink Moment rises with the sun. You can catch this stunning Pink Moment view from your Ojai hotel room window or the outdoors as it is visible across the Ojai Valley. If your Ojai hotel room is close to downtown, a walk downtown feels peaceful and energizing as the town slowly wakes.

If you are interested in a night in your Ojai hotel room, the beautiful Pink Moment and the full moon are easily visible outside your window or from the courtyard. If you venture out of your Ojai hotel room, you may even find that the hotel you’re staying at offers full moon yoga and astrological readings. You can even join in the spiritual exploration and create your ritual from your Ojai hotel room. Embrace the power of the full moon and Pink Moment, and you’ll find yourself feeling more connected to Ojai, even from your Ojai hotel room.  

From hikes to a stroll through downtown Ojai to your Ojai hotel room, Ojai’s Pink Moment and the beautiful full moon is visible from almost anywhere in Ojai. If it’s your first time in Ojai and is interested in engaging in Ojai’s Full Moon activities, grab your gear from your Ojai hotel room and join in; everyone is welcome! Book an Ojai hotel room and witness the Pink Moment and full moon beauties of the Ojai Valley.